ALLIGATOR convinces with smart innovations - 05.05.2014

In addition to the range of tire valve products, the family-owned company is also presenting two new products of the range – in Hall 1, Booth C17

Future-orientated thinking, high quality awareness and passion for detail, that has been the philosophy of the ALLIGATOR Ventilgruppe for 95 years. At the REIFEN, the family-owned company demonstrates their ingenuity once again. In Hall 1, Booth C17, on one hand ALLIGATOR presents their com­plete product range of tire valves, including two particular highlights – the double seal valve cap V2B and the patented tire valve for vans and camper vans, CVVEASY. On the other hand, visitors can inform themselves about the three innovative TPMS solutions of the products: The product that was introduced in 2012 and which already established itself, as well as the two new product concepts, Industrial and HD.

V2B – the double seal valve cap that saves hard cash

For example, the double seal valve cap V2B stands out from the ALLIGATOR range of valve products, which includes several thousand items. Checking the tire pressure and filling without having to unscrew and screw on the valve cap? That is precisely what this smart product, which has enjoyed high demand in the USA for decades, ensures. The decisive argu­ment is the time saved, which is between 50 and 60 percent. The result: Even those drivers that like to avoid checking the tire pressure show a sig­ni­fycantly higher willingness to execute this task regularly. V2B therefore con­tributes equally to reducing costs and increasing safety. And in addition, it en­sures that your hands stay clean...


CVVEASY – takes the valve stress away from vans and RV

The tire valve CVVEASY also ensures additional safety with the patented pressure disc – especially developed for vans and RVs. The tire vales for mobile houses and caravans tend to get in "holiday stress" when travelling. Vans are also exposed to similar stress factors when touring from con­struction site to construction site. They must withstand high inflation pre­ssures, high speeds and high temperatures and – depending on the vehicle model – they have to seal reliably in the different rims. The tire valve CVVEASY combines the high pressure capacity of a metal valve with the safe sealing and simple assembly of a rubber valve. CVVEASY is manufactured with a special elastomer material that even withstands brake heat that occurs during long trips with the vehicle fully loaded. A precisely designed sealing contour and a highly flexible sealing lip ensure an optimal seal in the rim. And a patented pressure disc always keeps the valve securely in the wheel, even at high operating pressures. To dismount the CVV valve, this pressure disc can simply be cut through and removed at the pre-determined breaking point, using pliers or a screwdriver. Thus you can pull the valve through the valve hole without special tools. And the rim remains protected against damage! – a superior TPMS for the specialised tire trade

All exhibition visitors looking for the right TPMS solution will find the optimal product in the ALLIGATOR product range. The company introduced the first product of the range at REIFEN in 2012 and with this product won the Innovation Award. Two years later Alligator leads the market for tire pressure monitoring systems with In a current survey of the BRV (German Tire Retailer and Vulcanisation Trade Association), one third of respondents confirmed they were using the ALLIGATOR TPMS product. The programmable tire pressure sensor is the ideal system solution for the spe­cialized tire trade, it enables a professional response to all challenges in lo­gistics, inventory management and customer service. The custom-tailored product offers the right package for every dealer: The sens-it starter kit is ideal for businesses that are not precisely sure get of their requirements. And the product range, consisting of valves, sensors, programming devi­ces and mounting tools supplements the equipment of established works­hops. The associated training package that the company has developed es­pecially for the specialized tire trade offers the same customisation possibi­lities as does itself: The practitioners from ALLIGATOR support tire dealers according to the specific dealer's requirements, whether a purely in­formational event or with a special TPMS expert training course. The objec­tives are to help the specialised tire trade simplify workshop procedures and to increase customer satisfaction.


New: Industrial – for high volume users and complete-wheel manufacturers

High volume users and industrial complete-wheel manufacturers impose additional requirement on a TPMS in terms of handling, variability and cycle time for programming. For these target groups, ALLIGATOR has now deve­loped the second member of the product range – Industrial. The newly designed hardware solution from ALLIGATOR can simply be inte­grated in the assembly process of wheel manufacturers – and, in particular, it enables faster and more efficient programming of the sensors. Thus the cycle times for assembly of a complete wheel can be maintained in every case. Moreover, it also permits a flexible valve connection and thus it can be used in almost all wheel models. The ALLIGATOR specialists are convinced that sens-it can also be developed into a real alternative in large-scale after­market wheel production. As the extended programming system for TPMS sensors satisfies all necessities: Parallel programming, clear docu­mentation, ERP integration and modular design – and all of this with only one system.


New: HD – efficient tire management system for commercial vehicles

The majority of truck or lorry drivers are en route with insufficient inflation pressure. Tire failures thus are the most common cause of breakdowns. Fin­dings from tire manufacturers show that more than 85 percent of breakdowns result from the progressive loss of air and/or an increase in temperature. A practice-orientated tire pressure monitoring system helps to optimise the breakdown and cost statistics. The solution currently being designed by the ALLIGATOR specialists: HD, the third member of the product range, combines the features that fleet managers or bus operaters need. It combines professional tire management with automatic tire pressure monito­ring for commercial vehicles. A cloud-based database system makes the tire data available at anytime and anywhere – tire data can be called up by the driver, fleet manager and workshop, worldwide. An innovative universal textile strap system allows toolless and fast installation of the tire pressure sensor into almost any truck or lorry wheel, from 16 to 24 inches. The tire management platform handles all settings and parameters including alarm and reporting functions. The router that receives and processes the sensor data can be mounted on the vehicle itself, or alternatively, in an induction loop at the gate of the fleet operation. Both versions are installed quickly and guarantee a constant recording of data. This allows corrections that may be necessary on the vehicle to be carried out in good time. This saves time and money. ALLIGATOR is currently testing the functionality of HD in different truck and bus fleets. The goal is to introduce the product to the market in the fourth quarter of this year. The innovative SAS Sensor Attach­ment Strap, made of synthetic materials developed by ALLIGATOR has already proven its speed and high-temperature suitability in practical use. It is not only installed in just under one minute, it also keeps the sensor secure­ly in the installed position. And in addition, it compensates the wheel expan­sion due to high temperatures of approx. 150° Celsius. HD is avai­lable at the price of an off-the-shelf TPMS – but it can do much more, and offers every fleet the right solution: Smart, safe, green!

c HD Innovation Made by ALLIGATOR